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Decorate Like a Design Boss

Oct 20, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the Decorate Like A Design Boss podcast. Today, I’ll be talking about some very useful tips and tricks in purchasing the perfect rug for your home.

This episode is for you if you've struggled with size and style of rugs, or if you've been stumped on what pattern to select, or even what type of rug to buy. I'll be covering all that you need to know about why some rugs cost as much, what they do, and when it's appropriate to abandon ship and go for an inexpensive rug that will get the job done, but won't break the bank. Let's get started! 


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[00:00 - 03:49] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to today’s episode
  • Take your interior design skills to the next level, join my Interior Design Insiders Club
  • Today’s challenge: choosing the right rug for your space

[03:50 - 18:04] What You Need to Know in Purchasing the Right Rug

  • Let's talk about the fibers
    • Natural fibers - durable, long lasting, and considered as investment rugs
    • Synthetics - less pricey and perfect for high traffic areas, pets, children, and are affordable 
  • Hand Knotted vs. Machine-Made
    • Hand Knotted - more expensive, luxurious, made with natural fibers
    • Machine-made - more budget friendly, mass produced, 
  • Let’s Break These Styles Down
    • Traditional rugs
    • Contemporary rugs
    • Natural/Casual Style rugs
    • Bohemian Type rugs
  • How to Pick the Perfect Rug
    • Step 1: Assess your style and budge
    • Step 2: Know your lifestyle and traffic patterns
    • Step 3: Assess what the room needs
  • Let’s Talk about the Pile of Rug
    • What is a Pile 
    • Low pile rugs for high traffic areas
    • High pile rugs for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms 
  • Know the Size of your Rug
    • Use a formula to get the minimum size guide
    • Use a rug pad to protect your floor
  • Care and Cleaning 
    • The importance of knowing your fibers


[18:05 -21:32] Closing Segment

  • Episode recap
  • Check out the links below if you need help with your rugs 
  • Send your photos and questions, see links below
  • Final words




Tweetable Quotes:

“ Just remember, a larger rug will trick the eye and make the space look larger, and it will promote a more luxurious space. No matter what fiber that you're using.” - Kimberly Grigg

“So what can we learn from today's lesson? Rugs are an important tool in the design mix. They create a sound buffer and provide a softness to a space aesthetically, and they're beautiful.” - Kimberly Grigg

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